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Speaking About Karen Cortell Reisman, M.S.

Karen's Journal Age 10

And now...

  • Karen STILL hates doing the chores, and her family doesn't think she's that funny; BUT she has made  audiences laugh, listen, and learn across the U.S., Canada, and Germany for the past 20 years.
  • Karen has one Bachelors degree in Communications, one Masters degree in Human Relations and Management, one cow named Bliss, one daughter, one son, and one husband -- not necessarily in that order.
  • Karen Cortell Reisman speaks at NSA Influence 2018
  • Karen speaks about how to speak for yourself to grow your business.
  • Karen puts on a one-woman show using letters her cousin, Albert Einstein, wrote to her grandmother. Her keynote about hope, resilience, and lingerie, teaches you how to overcome obstacles, increase productivity, and grow your business.
  • Karen is proud of being the author of 2 books, she's a frequent guest on a radio talk show, and she's President of the National Speakers Association - North Texas Chapter.
  • Corporate & association clients include: The American Heart Association, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Pizza Hut, Deloitte, PlainsCapital Bank, Mary Kay Inc. and many one-on-one clients including CEOs, dentists, attorneys, and entrepreneurs.

*Source: Karen's autobiography written in 6th grade, titled "Ten Years Old and Still Going Strong". NOT available at

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