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"Letters from Einstein" Client Comments

Here's what some of Karen's audiences are saying about "Letters From Einstein"

“I had 27 emails to return, but once you started speaking I put my phone away. You captivated me for your entire keynote.”

Dr. Gary DeWood

"You really engaged the audience and they were engaged by your message and your stories. Many of the attendees stopped me and said that it was entertaining and got them thinking."

Dr. Glenn DuPont

"We'll all be better as a result of listening to you and applying your meaningful lessons of action and awareness and passion!"

Ed Foreman, CPAE

"I truly enjoyed your talks on Friday. I have the vision of your grandparents at the train station embedded in my memory forever. We have a monthly staff meeting tomorrow and we will be discussing all the great changes or extra’s we can do within our practice that we learned from you."

Dr. Melissa Rozas - SWSPD (Southwestern Society of Pediatric Dentistry)

1. "In a classic bit of speaker behavior, you "got a feel for the room" beforehand."
2. "You left nothing to chance from the sound & video to placement of your 'table'."
3. "In words and actions, you became a 'friend' of every audience."
4. "Most of all I marveled at how you practice what you teach."

Opening Keynote at the Western Regional Dental Convention
comments by Dr. Don French - Karen's host

"Your inspirational stories of determination and prosperity despite even some difficult obstacles is sure to stay with and inspire all that attended our Wealth Builder Conference in Chicago."


"Your Letters From Einstein presentation integrated your personal stories in a message that inspired us to cherish every moment we have been given. I know we will not forget the valuable lesson you've engraved in our hearts. Thank you for your touching story and thank you for sharing a part of yourself with our group."

AMS Production Group

"Your Einstein keynote made everyone laugh, cry, and think. You could hear a pin drop in this ballroom of 400 people. What a dramatic way to end our national meeting. It was exactly what we wanted."

AADPA (American Academy of Dental Practice Administration)

"I loved your 'Letters from Einstein' presentation so much in Chicago a few years ago! We (and I) gave you a standing ovation! I always wanted to have your Letters from Einstein DVD because it's the perfect example of a successful speech."

Laura Baus

"Letters from Einstein was the perfect ending to our conference in Santa Cruz and a most appropriate topic for these particularly uncertain times ..."

NARDA (North American Retail Dealers Association)

"On behalf of the State of Texas I thank you for the keynote address. As you spoke, one could hear your message of love and hope."

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

"The positive, 'feel good' feedback from our attendees was overwhelming. A moving story and piece of history with a definite life lesson passed along."

"This is the second time that I have seen this presentation. It has once again blown my socks off!"

"She keeps you on the edge of your seat!"

Institute of Business Management

"Your presentation was very powerful. This was mostly due to your speaking style and the vivid descriptions you gave about the incidents ... most colorful and explicit ... it would be difficult for one NOT to conjure up a mental picture of what you were describing."

Texas Dental Association

“You made me look good!”

Judith Salisbury, Executive Director – Southwestern Society of Pediatric Dentistry

“Enjoyed the interactive nature of Ms. Reisman’s presentation. Great for team building.”

Southwestern Society of Pediatric Dentistry attendee

"Yours was one of the most powerful presentations that we have had the privilege of attending in quite some time ... We thoroughly enjoyed your engaging and thought provoking presentation ... I can say with enthusiasm that others will learn from your family's incredible legacy ..."

Greenhill Association

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