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Here’s the scoop on who will benefit from Karen’s
Keynotes, Programs, and Coaching.

Speak for Yourself


Audiences that will value Speak for Yourself® programs:

  • Sales Departments
  • Marketing Departments
  • Leaders and upcoming leaders in your organizations
  • Service Professions such as: Dental offices, Medical offices, Technology Businesses, Accounting Firms, Law Offices.
  • Dental Associations
  • Medical Associations
  • Meeting Professionals
  • Networking Groups
  • Legal Associations
  • Any association that wants their members to communicate with gravitas
Letters from Einstein

Keynote Speaker

This inspirational keynote is all about overcoming obstacles and transitions with hope, humor, and dignity. People will learn to turn these troubled times into times of opportunity.

Audiences that will value this:

  • Corporations going through transition
  • Associations that are experiencing uncertainty
  • People who have had to face adversity from the recent economic downturn such as job loss & home foreclosure

Ideal groups:

Associations in the areas of: medicine, dentistry, science, technology, human resources, apparel and fashion, and manufacturing.

Organizations that value wellness, balance, humor and growth.

1:1 Communication Coaching – who would benefit from this:

  • Entrepreneurs speaking about their inventions or services to a venture capitalist
  • Lawyers giving continuing education to their satellite offices via webinar
  • Doctors presenting to organizations on research findings
  • Dentists presenting dental programs on a technical subject or practice management
  • CEOs who want to give a dynamic, memorable presentation to the board
  • A sales group giving a proposal pitch – knowing they are one of 3 bids
  • Applicants interviewing for that incredible new job
  • Best-selling authors who are on speaking tours
  • Corporations that want their employees to improve on giving presentations
  • Anyone who wants to get promoted but knows this is an area of weakness
  • Professional Speakers tweaking their Heart-Soul-Brain Keynote
  • An honoree giving an acceptance speech
  • Anyone who is asked to give a speech and begins to freak out just thinking about it, or just wants to make this presentation a fabulous experience for themselves and the audience
  • A bereaved person giving an eulogy
  • Parents speaking at their child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding, or other event
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