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Speak For Yourself® Programs

Karen Cortell Reisman & Speak For Yourself Associates will customize programs for your executives in your organization.

Your group will learn how to communicate with more comfort and confidence in order to:

  • Grow your business
  • Make more money
  • Maintain your competitive advantage
  • Not throw up when doing your million-dollar pitch!

Speak For Yourself programs are all about extemporaneous speaking, how to speak better, how to give a presentation, persuasive speaking, executive presentation tips, presentation anxiety & fear of speaking, and impromptu speaking.

Speak For Yourself programs are NOT about using a script, adopting someone else's style, memorizing, or a bunch of presentation tips read to you on boring PowerPoint visuals! We work with you and your organization on your content, organization and delivery of your material.

Star Ranch Retreats

Programs include:

Star Ranch Off-site Retreats

Speak To Win

Speak To Sell

Speak For Yourself with Power & Presence

Speak with Humor

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