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Pre-event Survey

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Survey to Meet Your Needs! Please fill this out and return to Karen so that she can target her message to meet your expectations.

1. Describe how you would like the attendees to feel, be aware of, or think differently:

2. What obstacles do the attendees face?

3. How do they overcome these obstacles?

4. Please provide 3 attendee names that I can call so that I can target my message to meet your needs. Preferably, I'd like to call people from varying areas of your group... from retail to service, etc.

(Provide name, phone number and email address)

a. ___________________________________________________________

b. ___________________________________________________________

c. ___________________________________________________________

5. How will you know we've been successful?

6. What are three things your people are doing well that you want to emphasize and reinforce?

7. Are there any messages you cannot give that I can give for you?

8. What are some of the things customers or co-workers say or do that may be irritating or causing stress at work?

9. Who is your typical customer?

10. Is there a slogan or philosophy that is commonly used in your company?

11. Are there any taboo subjects Karen needs to be aware of?

12. What differentiates you from your competition?

13. If Karen could wave a magic wand and help your group do ONE thing better, what would it be?

14. Who are the Key Players — who should Karen recognize?

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