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By Karen Cortell Reisman

It's political debate season, and in this election-year edition of your Speak For Yourself® Newsletter, we present a trio of Decorum Debate Rules that will help you communicate to win business.

Decorum Rule #1: Gravitas. The dictionary defines gravitas as "dignity, respect and trust." We trust those who have gravitas. How do you show gravitas? Using these debates as our example, you listen without interrupting. You honor the time limit for getting your message across. You take the high road treating all with respect.

Decorum Rule #2: Presence. Think 'James Bond' - no matter how many guns are pointed at his head, he stands tall, has a pleasant open expression and he looks good in his outfit. In these debates, presence gets revealed via the nonverbal communication. Posture, poise, smile, word-specific gesturing reveal a positive presence.

Decorum Rule #3: Preparation. We communicate more effectively about what we know and have earned the right to talk about via our education, professional expertise and life experiences. These debates have shown the power of being prepared. As Mark Twain once said, "It takes me two weeks to prepare for a good impromptu speech."

Doughnuts are just a bunch of fried dough, so what do they have to do with gravitas, presence and preparation? More than you realize! Consider the hole in the center of most doughnuts. When you Speak For Yourself with gravitas, presence and preparation at any venue - you will come full circle without leaving any holes of doubt about who you are and what you can accomplish for your clients.

Note: Speak For Yourself® is not endorsing any political candidate or party. We are endorsing effective communication skills.

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