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By Karen Cortell Reisman

Click on the "Wiener Stampede" commercial linked below.

"Wiener Stampede"

How To Speak Better Rule #1: SIMPLICITY

In 30 seconds this ad tells a clever and creative story with a clear call to action: use Heinz condiments.

When you speak to your valued team, have a meeting with your top clients, or present a pitch to a powerful prospect - can you contain yourself? Think Less is More.

How To Speak Better Rule #2: HUMOR

Anytime you can add humor your message will become stickier. The best target for your humor? Yourself or your product/service. The Ketchups are dressed up as condiments. The dachshunds look like, well... wieners.

Can you incorporate your own foibles or company quirks into your current topic matter? Logic tells. Emotion sells.

How To Speak Better Rule #3: STORY

Within 30 seconds the entire story unfolds with a dash of self-deprecation - a horde of dachshunds dressed as hot dogs running in slow motion across a field toward a handful of humans in condiment suits who "can't live if living is without you". Goofy and disarming.

What's the story of your organization? Practice it. Use it. Share it.

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