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By Karen Cortell Reisman

Three lessons which are just as useful today as they were in this iconic '60s show on advertising, life, and scotch:

#1: Relationships - Manage them well

Lots of whiskey, wine and romance happen in Mad Men. That's NOT what I propose for your business success. But the premise behind the dining, golfing and meetings is key to your communication success. The gang at Sterling Cooper create relationships with their prospects and maintain them as clients. Virtual communication is not the same as eye-to-eye connecting. Mad Men understands the need to form and preserve strong business relationships.

#2: Story - Tell why your customer wants to buy from you

Advertising is about telling a story. It's not about the stats on Vicks VapoRub, Burger Chef, or Samsonite... it's how these products will make you feel. Don Draper reminds you that selling is about the "need behind the need"... ultimately about the emotional gain. Mad Men's Burger Chef campaign centers on how happy the family will be by eating together at this casual diner.

#3: Gravitas - Show it

Gravitas means dignity, presence, influence. We vote for those with gravitas and we buy from those with gravitas. Don Draper has his demons. Lack of gravitas is NOT one of them. He believes in his ideas and when he walks into a room, prospects and clients listen. He has the courage to stand by his concepts, go against research when needed, and even refute the clients' ideas. And don't forget to "look the part". These characters dress with care, have great posture, use effective eye contact, and know their stuff. Learn from "Mad Men" style.

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