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By Karen Cortell Reisman

Watch the "FIAT 500X" commercial set in a small Italian village. You will laugh.

Why is this my pick? And what does this have to do with the way you communicate?

How To Speak Better Rule #1: BREVITY

In one minute (that's just 60 seconds) this ad tells a clever and creative story with a clear call to action.

The next time you speak to your Board of Directors, have a meeting with your top advisors, or present a sales pitch to a potential huge client - can you contain yourself? Think brevity.

How To Speak Better Rule #2: EMOTION

This commercial makes you laugh! Anytime you can add humor your message will become stickier. Humor = tragedy + time. What was some horrible mishap awhile back may be funny today. Can you incorporate these past challenges into your current topic matter?

Other ads at the 2015 Super Bowl elicited sadness. Some failed. If you go for the "heart" you must bring your listeners back UP this emotional roller coaster. We can't be left crying during the Super Bowl unless your favored team throws an interception with 20 seconds remaining in the game.

Logic tells. Emotion sells.

How To Speak Better Rule #3: STORY

Within one minute this FIAT commercial told the entire story with a dash of sexy - the all-new FIAT crossover is bigger, more powerful and ready for action. In fact it has my other favorite "how to speak better" tenant: the power of three. We are left with three clear takeaways.

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