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By Karen Cortell Reisman

Bryan Cranston gives the best Emmy speech according to Entertainment Weekly and Speak For Yourself®. It's not about his presentation mechanics - although excellent. His speech shows four qualities that will make you a superstar speaker and leader.

Reason #1: Gratitude

Bryan Cranston says, "I have gratitude for everything that has happened." Life has lots of ups and downs and your ride is a bit smoother when you have gratitude, express your gratitude, and understand the heightened perspective that gratitude brings. Cranston - check, check, check. He expresses his gratitude to AMC, his family, his fellow cast and crew. You can do the same, on and off the platform.

Reason #2: Humility

"Even I thought about voting for Matthew", Cranston begins. Cranston is unpretentious and self-effacing. The opposite of "humility" is "arrogance". As communicators, leaders, executives - having humility and expressing that humility goes the distance.

Reason #3: Humor

"I love you, especially those scenes in bed," he tells Anna Gunn, his TV wife! I tell my clients and audiences that using appropriate humor makes your message stick. Cranston makes all of us laugh, including Anna Gunn! If you make your clients, audiences, and prospects laugh you will continue to speak for yourself with gravitas. And that equals financial and personal success.

Reason #4: Inspiration

Cranston starts and finishes on the subject of "Sneaky Petes". He tells you that even his family referred to him as Sneaky Pete as he grew up because he always wanted the easiest route. He concludes with, "Find your passion, Sneaky Petes" - encouraging you to resist mediocrity.

Superstar Speaker/Leader = Have Gratitude + Be Humble
+ Find the Humor + Inspire Others

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