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By Karen Cortell Reisman

Whether you lead or attend a meeting here's the one question you must ask that will guarantee more focus, productivity, and involvement. And, above all else, FINISH YOUR MEETING IN RECORD TIME!

"When we leave this meeting at 3pm (fill in blank with the time you will walk out of the room) what will have made our time successful?"

Here's what you've accomplished:

  • You have made it clear when the meeting will end. If you are the leader you have shared this vital info with your group. If you are a participant, you've helped the leader and other attendees focus on when everyone will exit stage left.
  • You have forced some clarity around goals, value, and results.
  • You have encouraged involvement about what would make this valuable time effective.

Ask this question and you will run and/or attend shorter and more effective meetings.

You will now have more time to grab your sunscreen and go swimming. Hit the beach and I'll write you again in the fall.

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