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"Speak for Yourself" - Karen's Short & Pithy Quarterly Newsletter

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By Karen Cortell Reisman

Coaching three prominent financial entrepreneurs a few weeks ago on crafting their message to potential investors we focused on:

  • What's your story?
  • Less is more.
  • A compelling presentation is never just about your data.

This newsletter pinpoints what we worked on that day: how to Speak For Yourself to get more business.

Speak For Yourself® to get more business:

5 Ways To Make a Killer First Impression

A Princeton University study suggested people make "incredibly accurate snap judgments in a tenth of a second." Your first impression is critical.

How to Tell Your Business Story in 60 Seconds or Less

You've got to tell your business story in under a minute. This four-step exercise provides an outstanding starting point.

The 9 Types of Crappy Handshakes

Are you "the limp, dead fish" or "the bone crusher" or the "misfire" or "the hipster"? This Oatmeal Blog depicts the top 9 types of "Crappy Handshakes" to recognize and avoid.

Speak For Yourself® Spotlight - Allegiance Capital Corporation Presentation

Speak For Yourself® to Get More Business presentation

"...very relevant to our business, and provided us with implementable material"

I will now place credibility in the clause of a sentence, change my outbound voicemail message, and start to use Karen's technique for delivering difficult information."

"I will focus on 3 main points principle, and 'don't block the light'.

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