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By Karen Cortell Reisman

New Day, New Do

New Day, New Do

As I complete a recent health journey with breast cancer, here are some communication tips to help you with interacting with your clients, colleagues, and friends who are dealing with medical situations. BTW - I'm fine and I'm grateful.

  • Do stay in touch with someone who's going through a health challenge - email, text, phone message - all are great.
  • Do NOT ask the person who's sick to return your call or electronic message. That's a burden.
  • Do say or text, "You do not have to return this call/text/email."
  • Do NOT ask, "What can I do to help you?"
  • Do something that you would like someone to do for you such as mail a get well card (appreciated and unobtrusive), meet for a walk, wash her car, make a meal, drive him to a doctor appointment, bring lunch, take her to a manicure place, or make a donation in his honor. And, do tell her that she doesn't have to write you a thank you note.
  • Do NOT talk about your own experiences (or the medical outcome from your brother-in-law's mother's aunt...) with this type of illness. You are there to hear your friend's story, she is NOT there to hear yours.
  • Do listen, if he wants to talk. That's right. Just listen. Biggest gift of all.

These tips worked for me, and I hope you will use them as guidelines for you.

Please do your annual checkups. It could save your life. My successful journey resulted from an annual mammogram.

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