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By Karen Cortell Reisman

Fact: Attention span of our web-addicted society is 9 seconds*

Strategy: Be engaged and engaging


Ask questions
Know your stuff
Have passion for your service/product
Know how your stuff makes $ or saves $ for your target

Fact: Your work world is distracted and competitive*

Strategy: Know how to attract your audience/client/prospect


Customize - Research your target before connecting
Think in "threes" - have only 3 main points/ideas/reasons
Less is more - You will buy more if you have less choices, as long as the choices rock
Be clear - a confused buyer says no

Fact: Not enough to be "best" if nobody notices or cares*

Strategy: Drive your value and perception in the marketplace.


Use social media with finesse
Don't forget the personal touch - write and snail mail personal notes
Be clear with your brand and promise

* Facts source: Sally Hogshead, CPAE - Author of Fascinate

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