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By Karen Cortell Reisman

On my recent trip to China with the CEO Global Club we met with city and government leaders in Beijing, Nanjing, Yixing, and Inner Mongolia. Here are some take-aways for you:

P. R. C. stands for People's Republic of China. BUT, P.R.C. also stands for Patience, Relationships, and Cash. According to Joe Mancuso, head of CEO clubs, to do business in China one needs plenty of patience, relationships, and cash.

Sound logic, not only for global business ventures, but for all commercial projects wherever you are. In order to be successful in sales, you need to build relationships - which take time and patience. Some seed money doesn't hurt either!

At the 2010 Global Entrepreneurs Summit of the Far East - held in Yixing - a highly esteemed Buddhist Monk shared these three tenets:

  • Never forget your initial resolution - of marriage, of parenting, in your business. Remember your initial vows.
  • Patience.
  • Never hold grudges - it becomes your burden.

Short and simple to relay, hard and complicated to play out.

Your Relatively Speaking Challenge:

Have patience. Create relationships. Relinquish grudges.

Einstein Corner

In a letter from Albert to my grandmother, he wrote, "It is not always uplifting if one sees things too sharply and in doing so cannot change anything."

Einstein figured out that we need to be aware - have objective eyes. Second, if we see something that can't be changed, we need to accept the current reality.

Enjoy your Summer!

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