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By Karen Cortell Reisman

Here are the landmines leaders should avoid, according to the person who led the successful effort to raise $338 million for the Dallas Center for Performing Arts.


It's not about you. As a leader you're part of a mission and part of a team. You will never get anything done without support. Incredible leaders nurture others, inspire others, help focus others, and capture the talents of others. A fabulous leader is a fabulous shepherd.


Another landmine is not having clear vision and realistic goals. A leader strategizes and knows these answers: What are your goals? Can we meet these goals? What's the vision? Is the vision clear to everyone?


The last landmine; not getting your message across. Through communication skills a leader must be able to transform the culture. A leader must be able to command the attention of the audience - whether that's your team, your prospect, or your volunteer donor.

The leader of this art complex dream had low ego and clear expectations that were executed with dynamic communication skills. The nine-year campaign to fund, design and construct the facility advanced on schedule and on budget due to this visionary leadership.

Your Speak for Yourself® Challenge:

Watch for these leadership landmines: super-sized egos, unclear expectations, and lack of execution.

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