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"Speak for Yourself" - Karen's Short & Pithy Quarterly Newsletter

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By Karen Cortell Reisman

Last week on a plane to Costa Rica my seatmate told me she was staying at the renowned Four Seasons Hotel for 4 days for FREE!

I asked, "How do you get to stay at this expensive hotel without paying?" She replied, "I am one of the highest sellers in my company. Our business rewards their top sellers with these neat trips."

"What's your secret to being a top seller?" I asked.

"Great customers," she responded.

"How do you 'get' great customers?" I continued.

"Phenomenal customer service," she replied.

"How do you provide phenomenal customer service?"


"What are you listening for?"

"Their specific needs."

Your Speak for Yourself® Challenge:

Listen to your customers and meet their specific needs.

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