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Karen's "Letters From Einstein" Keynote

Karen uses personal letters from Einstein, her cousin, in this inspirational message about resiliency.

Learn to turn challenging times into opportunity

Watch a video clip of "Letters from Einstein"

Maybe your association or corporation has . . .

  • Been forced to downsize - cut staff, cut hours, or cut pay
  • Merged with another company
  • Experienced a slow market for your goods or services

Be inspired to overcome obstacles and transitions

Help your association or corporation . . .

  • Stand up to increased competition from overseas
  • Increase your employees’ productivity
  • Put personal concerns such as international political events, H1N1, home foreclosures, partner’s job loss into perspective

Laugh, listen, and learn

Here's how your corporation or association will BENEFIT from this unforgettable keynote.

You will learn how to:

  • Use "Einstein-type" thinking to grow yourself and your business
  • Use Karen's equation to ignite your creativity. It's easier to understand than E=mc2!
  • Gain your competitive edge

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