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Audio/Visual Setup and Room Arrangement

And some GREAT hints on how to get the most out of Karenn's program

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Equipment Requirements:

  • Karen will need a DVD player connected to an LCD projection system.
  • 1 screen. If possible, have the screen positioned at a slight angle positioned at "stage left" (to the left of the speaker).
  • 1 wireless lavaliere microphone.
  • A small table and chair on the stage at "stage right".
  • The DVD needs to be played through the room's house system.
  • Please have an A/V person meet Karen in the room 45 minutes before attendees arrive to do an A/V and microphone check.

** Because so many people request learning tools at the end of Ms. Reisman's sessions, she will be signing books for those who want them after her presentation. Please ensure there is a 6-foot table at the back of the room to provide for this.

Preferred Room Arrangement:

  • For larger crowds: Theater style, deep chevron.
  • Riser placement: Place riser near the front row of chairs - there should be no more than a 6-foot space between riser & front row.
  • For crowds over 500: Above specs PLUS an image magnification screen If 18 or less: U-shaped table arrangement with 6 per side.

Great hints that will make all your programs successful!

  • Please read Karen's introduction, or keep it fairly close to the way it is written.
  • Try to have the group in a fun mood before introducing your speaker. Sad announcements or moments of silence for a recently departed friend are appropriate, but not just before introducing the speaker.
  • To get more of a benefit out of Karen or any other speaker: Please keep in mind that an extended cocktail party is not a good start for your people or any speaker. This could make your program a waste of your money.
  • Please ensure that there is a break immediately following Karen's presentation. If Karen is the last speaker of the day, please make all "housekeeping" announcements before she begins.
  • It is difficult to build intimacy and rapport if people are still eating, or if the audience is not very close to each other (or to the speaker). For any size audience, have your people close to the speaker. Please mention this to the hotel. This is not customary. Tables are rarely set up close enough for Karen's preference. Try to seat people near the front of the room. Also, if the audience chairs are chevron rather than straight rows, facing the stage will be more comfortable. Please have only as many chairs as you expect people, with extra chairs stacked up at the back of the room. Otherwise, the front rows will be empty.
  • Please make sure the entire room is well lit, but especially the stage area. (Because of audio visual presentations before Karen's presentation, many of the lights may be off. Please make sure they are turned back on)
  • If the room is rectangular, please have Karen in the middle of the long side.

Thank you!

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