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Speak For Yourself® prides itself on being a site where you can learn and grow. This website is not just a commercial meant to hire Karen and Speak For Yourself® Associates. It's filled with info on how to grow your business and make more money by the way you communicate.

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Karen's Blog — Your Voice, Your Business

Once a week SHORT posts on how to give a presentation, how to do extemporaneous speaking, how to speak better, persuasive speaking, executive presentation tips, presentation anxiety & fear of speaking, and impromptu speaking. Karen also comments about current cultural icons and how they communicate. How did Joan Rivers communicate — Let's talk? Why did Patricia Arquette's hair get in the way of her Golden Globe acceptance speech? What does Breaking Bad's series have to do with good communication? Subscribe to Karen's Blog.

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Karen's Books

Karen has written several books about how to give presentations and speak effectively in order to sell yourself, your product and your services. These books are short and to the point. Click the images below for details.

The Naked Truth About Giving Great Speeches The Naked Truth About Selling 180 Rule for Powerful Presentations

Karen's Newsletter

Once a quarter — that's ONLY four times a year — you can receive a short, pithy and impactful computer newsletter on how to speak for yourself to make more money. Over 2000 professional enjoy this message.

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Karen's Articles

Karen has written articles for various national magazines. Click on the titles to learn more about how to communicate with confidence.

Karen's Store

Speak For Yourself® has also authored DVDs, mp3 CDs, ebooks and an interactive DVD + workbook. You can buy online and in bulk. Speak For Yourself® can customize a book series for your organization.

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