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Speech Training and Accent Modification

Is your speech preventing you from moving forward in your career?

Are you tired of repeating yourself?

Do you feel uncomfortable speaking in front of others because of your accent?

Clarity of Speech:

Jenni Steck, MFA, MS, CCC-SLP, a Speak For Yourself® Associate, will assess aspects of your speech including articulation, intonation and pacing. Then, she will develop a program to address the characteristics of your speech pattern that are problematic.



Accent Modification:

Jenni will assess your speech including specific sound changes, melody, rhythm, and inflection and provide you with detailed exercises to help you improve intelligibility.

For more information:

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About Jenni Steck , MFA, MS, CCC-SLP

Jenni is an Associate with Speak For Yourself®.

She is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist as well as a voice and speech consultant for performers and professionals.

She has worked extensively as a voice and speech coach for actors including James Woods, Alexander Skarsgard and Alicia Silverstone as well as for lawyers, teachers, and others interested in advancing in their fields.

She works as a Voice and Speech Specialist and provides services for broadcasters and sports personalities for entities such as ESPN and NBC.

In recognition for her work with individuals struggling with vocal dysfunction, Jenni has recently been asked to serve as faculty associate at UT Southwestern's Clinical Center for Voice Care.

Jenni's mission statement is to provide quality training that empowers clients to produce a well supported, pleasing voice, and clear, confident speech.

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